My secret land Mawj

 1. Is Tabitha´s country the smallest in South Asia

A. Yes!

B. No!

2.  What is the official language?

3. Name two foods that you can eat in Tabitha´s country

4. Everything is dirty and old

A. True

B. False

5. Where is TAbitha´s mom from?

6. Name three things Tabitha thinks about when she thinks about her country?

My secret land episode 14 Felix

1. Is the country that Owen lives in the worlds smallest?

2. What is Sarahs and Owens brother called?

3. How many times a year is the ”Mapel Syrap Festival”?

4. Give four examples of what you eat during the ”Mapel Syrap Festival”.

5. What sort of leave does their country have on there flag?

6. Who is Owens favorite player in hockey?

7. What country does Owen and Sarah come from?

Episode 15 – Oliver

  1. What do the country produce more then any other counrty in the world?
  2. What is the capital of the country?
  3. They see the sunrise after everyvone in the world.
    True or fals?
  4. What is Oliver and his brothers favourit movie?
  5. Wich sounds can the bird sound like?
  6. What do they do beror a match?
  7. What dose Oiver think about bungyjump?
    funny                     kind of scarry
    really scary           boring
  8. What country is Oliver from?



Epesode 7 – Asia Dante

  1   With continent are Asia from?


  2   Was the contry a British Colony befoure?

          True                              Fales


   3   What type of language are thay talking insted of Engelish?


   4   What type of religion hav Asia?


5   What is the Capitele of of the contery?


6   What is the name of the second higest monten in the world?


7   What sport is Asias favourite?

            A. Football       B. Cricket    

            C. Amerikanfootball      D. Basketball

    8   With contery are Asia from?                                   Av: Dante 5B 1/6-2016

Episode 7-Asia

1. How old are Asia?                                                                                                                 2. On which continent is the country of?                                                                                   3. What is Asia’s favorite sport?                                                                                               4. What is Asia’s fovorit dish?                                                                                                   5. From which country comes from Asia?


My secret land: Tabitha

My secret land:


What is the official langue.

How old is Tabitha?

Is the country the smalllest in the world.

Why it is verry hot ther?

What cold Tabitha his cat and his dog

How did his dad killed the big snake?

What country is he from?


My secret land – episode 15 Oliver

  1.   How old is he?
  1.  What do they produce more then any other place in the world?
  1.  Are they surrounded by two seas and one ocean?

          True                       False

  1.  Whats the capital?
  1. How do he woke up?
  1. Which bird is his favorite?

         Kiwi                       zetoui

  1. What do they like to eat every friday night

                       What country is it?