My secret land – Isac – Merlin and Nguyen

  1. Which fotballclub in premier leauge Nguyen like?

Arsenal                     Manchester City

Burmingham            Aston Villa

2. The country is actually several countrys

True or false?

3.  Which country are Merlin and Nguyen from?

4.   Which computergame Merlin like to play?

5. Merlin like indiepop and rock

True or false

6. Which position is Merlin in Rugby?

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My Secret Land – Asia

My Secret Land – Asia


  1. How old is Asia? _____________________________________
  2. What continent is Asia from? ___________________________
  3. When did the land get independent? ______________________
  4. What is the name of the capital? _________________________
  5. It snows all the time.

                   ¤ True                     ¤ Fals

      6. What contry is Asia from? ______________________________

Episode 7 – Asia Viktor

  1. Which continent do she com?
  2. Why do many speak Enlish in this land?
  3. Which of this options is what happened a few years?
1. Tsunami 2. bombed
3. Earthquake 4. volcanic eruptions
  1.  They run in to the bedroom so that nothing could fall on them.
True False
  1. What’s the name on the second highest mountain in the world, available in this                                                               country?


  1. Which sport Asia like to played?
  2. Which country is she from?

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Epsiode 15 – Oliver – Fatimah 5c

  1. How old is Oliver?                                                                                                       Answer:

2. What’s the capital of the land?                                                                                                  Answer:

3. What is Oliver’s favorite movie?                                                                                               Answer:

4. What is the favorite character in Oliver’s favorite movie?                                                       Answer:

5. Which sport have a dance in the country?                                                                               Answer:

6. Oliver and his family like to eat… evry friday:                                                                             a. Hamburger               b. Fish and chips                                                                                 c. Pizza                        d. Soup

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Av: Fatimah 5c.




My secret land – Asia

1. Whats the name of the continent?

2. Nobody speak English in her land.


3. They also speak another language, What language?

4. One day a couple of years ago somthing very special happend… What did Asia said happens?

5. Why did they go outside?

6. The country starts whith the letter P

7.It`s snowy every day.