Sammanfattning Felipe The Magic Finger-Roald dahl

I read the book magic finger. The first is about a pocket that has a magic finger. She can turn people animals if she thinks someone is stupid. Having turned her teacher into a cat. But she was an ordinary person for one day. It is a family that she does not like. It is the family Gregg them hunt and kill animals. Mr.Gregg and his two sons Philip and Wiliam them shoot lots of birds and other animals. One day she became very angry and turns the family Gregg to birds. So they flew out and saw the birds who wanted to kill. They went into their house and began to play. They found Mr. Gregg arms.The family Gregg made a nest with branches. The birds came out and threatened them with arm. They promised that they would stop killing animals became family Gregg ordinary people. They had promised. Then the girl with the magic fingers happy. A while ago, she went home to the family Gregg and asked what had happened and they said they would stop sjuta birds and animals. Finally, everyone was happy. A short while later they heard shots. It was the family Kopper who had started shooting animals. Suddenly ran the girl with the magic finger to their house to turn them into animals.

I think the book was good and fun. But I would like to have more exciting texts.

                                         The end…