Question to LIndsey Vonn – Tomasine 5a

Linsey Vonn:

1. Why are you a skier?

2. When do you start with skiing?

3. Who are your Idol?

4. What means the ski for you?

5. How old are you?

6. Which are your favorite color?

7. Where do you going when you are on holiday?

8. When do you quit with skiing?

9. Which slope are your favorite slope?

10. Who are your biggest support?

11. Which question do you like most?


Question to Malala – Freja 5a

How old are you?                                                                                                                      Why wanted to fight for peace?                                                                                                What  where what made you received  the peace prize do you think?                                    Which country do you come from?                                                                                          Who is yours roel model?                                                                                                        Where du you live?                                                                                                                    When is your birthday?

Pakistan, Flagg, Nationella Flagga, Nation, Land                             Referens:

Questions to LeBron James – Lisa 5A

Why are you famous?                                                                                                               How old was you when you played basketball for the first time?                                             Which basketball teams has you played in?                                                                             Who is your enemy?                                                                                                               When was the first time you won a basketball game?                                                             Where do you live?                                                                                                                   What sports do you like, apart from basketball?Basket, Spalding, Boll, Idrott, Spel, Omgången, Spela


Questions to Rooney- Elias 5A

My questions:

How big is your family?

What team do you like most in Bundesliga?

How many boxing matches have you done?

Why did you begin to play football?

Who is your kid(s)?

Which footballplayer do you think is best if you can choose between Messi and Ronaldo.

Where do you growed up?Idrott, Rörlighet, Fritid, Konkurrens, Fotboll