Sammanfattning Roald dahl- Mr. fox

Author: Roald Dahl

The book is about about a fox and his family. It is three farmers and they drunk cider, eat dounats and turkeys. Mr is need to steal chikens to his family. The farmers are going to be mad so they want to kill them. The farmer start to digging for them, so mr. fox he start digging to with his family and they digging down in the ground so the farmers can`t find them when mr fox is verry long down in the ground. Mr fox meated a badger, his name is Badger. Badger help them from to be not killed. Mr fox and badger digging and find a  big wall under the ground and they want to smash the beacuse they to see wat`s inside the wall. When they are done to smash the wall they found a cider cellar. They took so manny ciders an took them to Mr fox house. Then they have a party with all the animals.

Reading Roald Dahl

George is a boy and he is living in a big house with his grandma but she is not that nice like other grandmas. She has to take medecin pretty often like every day to not be to crazy.      So George goes around the house and search for diffrent stuff to make his own medecin to cure or pop grandma but grandma is saying weird stuff like, tall pepole are dumb, choclet make you grow the wrong way. up insted of down. , if i see a sluge or somthing on my lettuice i gobble it up before it crawls away. But that dosn,t stop George from trying to make the medecin. He put weird stuff in a sauce pan and made a medecin. The medecin was given to grandma and she started fly over the armchair. After a while she started growing and growning up in to the air. She started to poke out the roof and  then she stoped growing. Georges dad Mr Killy Kranky got a bit insane and gave the medecing to almost all the animals around. All the chickens, the horse, the pigs and even a goat. He ran out of medecin and dad wanted more to the animals so that the could get food for years of just one chicken but George forgotten some of all the hundreds of ingredients. They started looking for empity bottles of stuff and when they were done some ingredients didn,t make it in and so the second medecin was born. They tried it on a chicken and the chickens legs started growing about eight feets high. George added some more to the list his dad had whriten and off his dad went. and then the 3rd medecin was born and that medecin made a chickens neck grow eight feets. He added some more to the list and of his dad went again. When the fourth medecin was born it made a chicken grow to a baby sized chicken and the grandma was a bit angry becouse she had to sleep in the barn and didn’t even get a morning cup of tea she took the sauce pan and mom and George souted not to take the drugs but dad said that they just wanted to have the tea for them selves. She took everything in one clunk and she started shrink to a tiny human the size of a bacteria.

The end


Fantastic Mr Fox – Roald Dahl

The author of the book is Roald Dahl.


The book is about a fox family and three farmers. The farmers lives on farms. The farmers names is Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Boggis is a chicken farmer. Bunce is a duck and goose farmer and Bean is a turkey and apple farmer. And the foxes are Mr fox, Mrs fox and the four small foxes. The foxes live in a hole under a huge tree and when is nigth Mr fox go to the farms and steal food. So the farmers go to the hole under the huge three and began digging. The foxes see the farmers so they also start digging. When the farmers end digging, the foxes was without food in three days and three nights. So the foxes dig to Boggis chicken house number one. At the end Mr fox and his family has a party with the other animals and they never go up from the tunnel again. They live in the tunnel because they have food there in Boggis chicken house number one and in Beans cider cellar.

I think the book is sometimes fun because its weird and sometimes boring because it can be hard when I dont understand.

Samanfatning Dante The Twits

The book is about Mr and Mrs Twits. Thay are two mean pursons that lived in a big, big hows witaute windows. Mr. Twit has a big but long beard  with tuns of food in it. Mrs. Twit had a big nose and a walking stick.

In the beginig of the book the oley thing that hapens is that they prank ehother but in my opinion it is fun, very fun. The funes prank was when Mr. Twit tied Mrs. Twit in about 100 balons with helium and then let her flew up in the air. First he took her walking stick an putt a litle pis more fore every day so Mrs. Twit thot that she were shrinking.

Every wensday Mr. Twit put sticky glue on the big ded tree so when the birds land on the tree Mrs. Twit make her awsom bird pie says Mr. Twit.

The pare have a case of mokeys becuse of that Mr. Twit had a whole upside down curkus with oliy monkeys befoure so he ceapt the monkeys. Most of the time the monkeys skreaming to the birds but they are from afrika so the birds don`t undrstand.

One day a bird came that was cald the Roly Poly Bird and he was from afrika. He understanded both of the languages and said to the birds to not land on the tree. When the Twits saw that they not are geting eny bird pie they ben angry and by guns.

So when thay whent to buy guns al of the mokeys and birds tur the house upside down. I mean that they mor of turn the furniture upsidedown so when the Twits gotet in to the house they thot they stand on the roof and started standing on there heads. after a wile they started shrink and shrink so mutch that tey nely not exist enymor.

The End

Summari of Fantastic mr fox

This book is abuot Mr fox and Boggis buns and Bean. Boggis like to eat chicken, Buns make dunts and Bean like o drink cider. Mr fox thief theres farmers food and the farmers will kill mr fox. so they digging under the grund to hope they can found Mr fox. But mr fox digging tunnels to there farmares house and theif the food. Later Mr fox found Badger and Badger help him to take food. One day mr fox and Badger found Beans cider celler. When thay take the cider come a woman which was close to finding them. Late they come home and eating food with many animals when Boggis, Bunce and Bean sitting and wating.

 I like the book becuse that book is funny and Roald Dahl describes in a good way

Summery of Roald Dahl Hana

This book is about a fox family that gets chased by thre farmers beacuse he steels food from them. The fox family starvs but the Dady fox gets an idea and a few minutes later he steals food from the farmers again then they have a big feast whit te other animals whos starving then farmer sits  whith their guns, hids and i think they are still waitin to kill the fox family.

I didn’t like this book beacuse this wasent my kid of book i like more mysterius and creepy.

The Magic Finger – Felicia 5B

I´m reding a book the title from the book is The Magic Finger. lt´s about the girl  the magic finger. One day she put a spell on her teacher and suddenly she have a whisker and tail. Another time the girl  put the magic finger on the Gregg family because they shot ducks. And when they woke up in the morning them have wings. Them flow out from the windovs and see at the ducks have fingers and tack their house. The Gregg build a nest. On the morning they saw the ducks wos prepared to shoot them. Not shoot my kids Mr Gregg said. Youe shoot my kids now I shoot youe and your kids. I´ll never shoot a animols agen Mr Gregg said. And the Gregg family four be persens agen. Wnd they got home they fed the birds. The little girl sed a nother femily  shot the ducks she ran and turned them.



George’s marvellous medicine – Reading Roald Dahl-Gabriel

I was reading a book wrighten by Roald Dahl, it’s called George’s marvellous medicine.

George’s marvellous medicine is a book about a kid called George he’s blond and his grandma, she is very gross and mean to George. She’s eating slugs and other bugs, she have black teeth and black clothes. All his granny does is sitting in her chair and being mean to George. Meanwhile George makes medicine to her, so he makes a medicine that will cure her or if not, blow her up or something. It was made by bleach, paint, shampoo and many other stuff from the house. When George gave granny the medicine she started to hover over the floor and later she started to grow. She become so tall that she crushed trough the roof. Later Georges dad wanted to make a factory for Georges marvellous medicine to be rich. And when they were done with the second medicine they tested it on a chicken, it was another crazy effect. It started to fire sparks out of the beak. And it flied six feet over the ground and the legs started to be gigantic. And they made a third and a fourth, the fouth made things shrink, so they used it on George’s creepy granny. And she became smaller and smaller untill she dissapeared. George’s dad was happy because she was so tiny they couldn’t see her.


And that was the end of the book, I liked it, but I tought George’s granny was realy creepy and a bit weird when George made his ”marvellous medicine”.

Sammanfattning Felipe The Magic Finger-Roald dahl

I read the book magic finger. The first is about a pocket that has a magic finger. She can turn people animals if she thinks someone is stupid. Having turned her teacher into a cat. But she was an ordinary person for one day. It is a family that she does not like. It is the family Gregg them hunt and kill animals. Mr.Gregg and his two sons Philip and Wiliam them shoot lots of birds and other animals. One day she became very angry and turns the family Gregg to birds. So they flew out and saw the birds who wanted to kill. They went into their house and began to play. They found Mr. Gregg arms.The family Gregg made a nest with branches. The birds came out and threatened them with arm. They promised that they would stop killing animals became family Gregg ordinary people. They had promised. Then the girl with the magic fingers happy. A while ago, she went home to the family Gregg and asked what had happened and they said they would stop sjuta birds and animals. Finally, everyone was happy. A short while later they heard shots. It was the family Kopper who had started shooting animals. Suddenly ran the girl with the magic finger to their house to turn them into animals.

I think the book was good and fun. But I would like to have more exciting texts.

                                         The end…

Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr.Fox – Luciano

Roald Dahl

The book I’ts about A fox called Mr.Fox and his family. Mr.Fox need to steal from a farm to get food to his family. On the farm there is three farmers who lives there. The three farmers names is Boggis Bounce and Bean. Boggies are a fat man who always eat chickens. He can eat 1000 chickens a day. Bounce are a man who was in love with doughnuts. But he was also eating goose-livers. He was a kind of a pot-bellied dwarf.
Bean was a tall skinny man. He never eat somthing he just drink gallons of strong cider.
The three farmers were also three horrible farmers. One fat, one short and one lean.
Mr.Fox has a wife called Mrs.Fox and he also had four chilldren.

One day when Mr.Fox was planning to steal from the farmers he get shooted at the tail and he lost it. Boggis Bounce and Bean started to hunt after Mr.Fox and his family.
But Mr.Fox got an Idea. He can dig faster than them. So they all started to dig. They had digged in a few days and then they found Boggis chicken house number one.
And they decided to eat the chickens. But they also decided to take a few chickens with them so they can share the food with the other animals. After that they continued to dig. They had also meeted an old friend to Mr.Fox called Badger. Later on that day they finded Bean’s secret cider cellar and the all foxes and badger drinked a lot of cider. Then they taked the cider and picked up the chickens and continued to go in the tunnels. At last they come to a big dining room with all the animals that lived there. And they all ate the food and laughed.