The Twits – Roald Dahl

The Twits:

The Twits is an old couple that doing mean tricks to each other. Mr Twit has a big disgusting beard whith everything in it.

The book is about one married couple that do some disgusting prank to each other. They had monkeys in the garden and sometimes they did some birdpie. One day Mr Twit said to the monkeys that they most be upside down  until he came back. The monkeys did it. At last the fall apart now they wanted revenge. When Mr and Mrs Twit fall asleep, the monkeys tried to escape from the cage and they did it. The monkeys find the Roly-Poly bird and they did a revenge. The Roly-Poly bird collected all the birds. The monkeys, the birds and the Roly-Poly bird flew in to the Twits house and took some glue. They took some glue and smeared it on the ceiling. The took some furniture and put it on the glue and they did so with every furniture. Then the monkeys run to the cage and the birds flew up in the tree. Becouse the Twits waked up. When the Twits came to the living room they  thought they were upside down so they stood on there hands. At last they melted to sand.

The end

The Twits Roald Dahl

The book The Twits is about Mr. and Mrs. Twit doing nasty things to each other. Mr Twit la frogs in Mrs Twits bed. Mrs Twit had a good surprise and then she wanted revenge on. Mrs Twit la worms in Mr Twits spaghetti.

Then Mr Twit will revenge on her. He take her walking stick and do it longer so that Mrs Twit think she is shorter. Mr Twit said she must strechas out. He put balons on her hed. He put more and more balons and then i took a knife and cut the ropes that held her to the ground. She fly up to the sky and then she falls down on Mr twit. He be andgry and she be happy.

They also have a monkey farm. They said the monkeys most be uppside-dawn everytime. Mr Twit think I will have a uppside-down circus.

On every Wednesday they have a bird-pie day. They eat bird-pie. Mr Twit catch the birds and Mrs Twit fixed the pie. Mr Twit have a special way to catch. He put sticki glue on the tree that the birds always sitting on. The day after Mr twit have put sticki glue on the tree he go there and look if it was some birds there. when he came there i saw boys sit on the tree. He be så angry and cried on them.

Next day i trai agien. But the monkys was trying to stop the bird but the bird dident understand what the monkys was skreaming to them. But one day so came it a african bird and the monkys was teling to the bird that Mr Twit have put glue on the dead old three and son when the birds came so was the african bird skreaming out to every birds that Mr Twit have put glue on the tree so the birds was landing on the.

The Magic Finger – Roald dahl Aran.

The Magic Finger – author is Roald Dahl

The book is about the Gregg family. The lived on hunting they shot ducks mostly. One day they all changed roles. The Gregg family became ducks and ducks were people. Then they began to shoot the ducks. The Gregg family escaped and escaped but eventually all became normal again.

Why the Gregg family became ducks was that there a girl she had a magic finger so she enchanted Philip, William, Mr. and mrs. Gregg to ducks.  And the ducks were people.

I think that the book was little difficult to keep up with thought it was fun to read. I would recommend the book to anyone.


Georg´s Marvellous Medicine Roald Dahl

George`s Marvellous  Medicine is about a boy that home alone with his granma, because Georges parents are in the city and buy food. The main characters are George and granma. Granma is very discusting and very mean, especially to George. George is a boy that makes a medicin to make granma disappear. He goes around in the house and takes everything hi sees and put it into a big saucepan then he boil it all upp and put all the medicine in a medicine bottle. After a while he gave the medicine to granma. She grow taller and taller and she grow bigger then the house. When George´ parents came home they wanted to make more medicine so the Animal could be big. After they made the medicine and gave it to the animals granma take the medicine and drinked it up but she don´t grow taller she dicipered.


i think the book is funny and weard

The Twits – Roald Dahl – Fatimah

The Twits:                                                                                                                                I read the book called ‘The Twits’. I think that it is a very funny and a weird book. It is about a couple that lives together and are married but don’t have chilldren. They don’t like each other. All started whith one prank. The first prank was of ‘Mrs.Twit. She putted a fake eye in his glass of bear. Then he wanted to do revenge. And so on as untill the day camed. Mr.Twit was going to put sticky glue on the tree so the birds would get stuck on the tree. He does the same thing evry wendsday, evry wendsday is ‘birdpie day’. And evry time they saw birds that was going to sit on the tree they screamd and yelled. But the birds did’nt understan the monkeys becuse the birds speakt african. Ond day IT came a bird that’s called the rolley Poly bird. He could spek the bouth languages. So he could warn the birds to not go and sit on the tree. And when Mr. Twit realized that it was no bird pie for a few weeks he and Mrs.Twit got angry and went to the gunbuyer to buy Some Guns to kill them the monkeys and the birds putted evrything in the house upside down so it looked like the house was upside down.


Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr Fox


The book is about  Mr Fox and his family, they are and steal the farmers food. Farmer units Farmer Boggis,Farmer Bunce and Farmer Bean the farmer are collabrateto shot the foxes and kill them. But when they shot for the first time he meet Mr Fox his tail so were the two pieces. The farmers tryed to shoot them because the foxes are steeling their food. The farmers start to digging to found the foxes and kill them, but the fxes steeling ether their food and they have a party after that.

Roald Dahl – Georges marvellous medicine summary

Georges marvellous medicine is about a young boy named George that lived with his parents and grandma in a house. One day, Georges parents needed to go to the store and buy some stuff, so George and his grandma was home alone. Georges grandma is always rude to George when she is alone with him, but when Georges parents are home, she is a normal grandma. George is tired on that his grandma is so rude so he dicides to make a medicine. The medicine was going to be the marvellous medicine. He puts in almost everything he finds nasty or inedible, like hairspray, schampoo, shaving soap, face cream, toothpaste, nail varnish and animal pills. When its eleven o´clock, he gave his grandma the medicine she deserves. When she got the medicine, she began to grow in the wrong way ( Aka up). When Georges parents came home and saw it, Mr Kranky ( Georges dad) wanted to re-make the medicine. he didnt just tried once or twice, he tried until he got it. The hen he gave it to did grow taller, and bigger. In the end Georges grandma disappeared. I think the book was kinda good, not my favourite, but if you want a crazy, funny book i can recommend this book.

Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr fox

The book is about 3 farmers Mr fox and his family. The three farmers name is Buggis Bunce and Bean. The 3 farmers try to kill mr fox and his family but they are hiding in the hole. Later in the book the three farmers tried to dig Mr fox and his family out of the hole But they got away. He dug in to the earth and dug a tunnel to Buggis chicken house number one. In the tunnel Mr fox met a budger. Mr fox wife was very weak. She had not eaten food on several days. Badgers wife was also weak so mr fox invited all animals to a party. They ate chickens and drank sider. All thanked mr fox because he had saved many lives.

Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr Fox

The book we reding is about tre farmers and Mr fox and his family. The tre farmers Buggis, Bunce and Bean and they try to kill the foxes. Mr fox is steals from there farms. They destroy the foxes house. The foxes digging undergroun to survive. They digging tunels underground to the farms and take food. Other animals is starving to death. Mr fox is making a party and all the animals is there. The main characters is Mr Fox, Mrs Fox and three small foxes. They have clothes like peaple. They can stand on two legs. After that they are foxes. I think the book is not like other books because it have other variety of main characters. It,s a verry good book and it,s funny.

George’s Marvellous Medicine – Roald Dahl

The book is about a boy named George. He has a grandmother who is mean. So George makes a medesin that makes grandma explode. When he test the medesine on grandma she grows taller and taller. She gets as tall as the house. When George’s father saw Georges grandmother stiking out from the roof he wanted to test medicine on the animals. When they had used all the medicine Gorges father wanted to do more. They could never do it right again. When Grandma saw one of the wrong made medicines she thought that itt was te, so she drank it an got so smal that none could see her.

I think that the book is fun and crazy.